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  • ProMall manages and markets dozens shopping malls throughout Israel
  • ProMall specializes in the managing, consultancy and marketing of various types of shopping centers: malls, power centers, neighborhood commercial centers and more
  • Managed by Ofer Shechter, an executive in the shopping center industry, with over 30 years’ experience
  • ProMall has over 70 employees, with professional, executive, marketing and commercial experience
  • Promall accompanies entrepreneurs from inception, through the planning and marketing of the property, down to maintenance management

Property Marketing Department

Marketing commercial areas in new and existing shopping centers

  • Configuring the optimal tenant mixture
  • Maintaining close contact with all retail chains
  • Locating relevant business owners for each center, according to its specific characterization and needs
  • Support throughout the contract signing process
  • Coordinating negotiations between landlords and tenants
  • Striving to increase income by finding profit-yielding properties that are currently unused

Functional Consulting Department

Accompanying entrepreneurs and investors from inception, through planning, determining the tenant mixture, marketing of the property and managing its ongoing maintenance:

  • Inspecting the commercial area and executing market research to determine target audience and optimal mixture
  • Analyzing the area to detect current and future competitors
  • Functional planning
  • Integrating operational knowledge within the specific planning procedure
  • Providing specifications for management and structure control systems
  • Supervising the occupancy process and inspecting the plans


Management, Operational and Commerce Department

Managing the shopping center from every aspect, while emphasizing the improvement of business results:

  • Building and managing an annual budget, while maintaining a balanced budget
  • Maintaining close contact with municipal authorities and institutions
  • Supervision and control over the various management interfaces in the shopping center
  • Implementing and enforcing the shopping mall/center’s rules and regulations
  • Assuming responsibility for required legal aid in various issues
  • Managing the tenant’s responsibilities: bank guarantees, insurance approvals, etc.
  • Tracking and managing insurance claims

Marketing, Advertising and Promotional Department

Goal oriented marketing activities, while providing professional and creative solutions in a challenging and dynamic reality:

  • Preparing annual work plans and managing budgets
  • Contractor agreements with service providers in the specified field
  • Managing the advertising campaign through an advertising agency:Creating brand identity and being responsible for every promotional product
  • Public relations
  • Conducting market research
  • Initiating events, marketing campaigns and promotional activities, and executing them
  • Connecting with the community

Maintenance and Technical Systems Department

Managing and supervising maintenance of the centers, with an emphasis on the improvement of the center’s visibility:

  • Inspection and supervision of the systems’ hand-over by various contractors
  • Providing maintenance for the building’s systems and equipment in communal areas
  • Managing contractor agreements with system service providers: elevators, air conditioning, electricity, etc.
  • Use of advanced systems for routine preventive maintenance services, as well as breakdown maintenance and fixing damages
  • Assuming responsibility for safety issues and routine inspections
  • Operating emergency management when needed

Finances and Accounting

  • Performing ongoing bookkeeping
  • Keeping data from tenant rental proceeds
  • Managing the collection of rent and management fees from all tenants
  • Input of rental and management applications in a computerized system
  • Managing a payment system for service providers – invoice input and issuing checks
  • Issuing balance sheets and financial statements under accountant supervision
  • Managing cash flow and bank accounts
  • Managing guarantees and collaterals
  • Issuing quarterly statements

ProMall offices:

Haim Bar Lev 10, Neve Savion.

Tel. 077-9708181 Fax 03-7608420


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