Shapiro (Yofee) Hod Hashron, Israel $one hundred 78

Shapiro (Yofee) Hod Hashron, Israel $one hundred 78

Ester Telis (Dockshitzi) Cheshire, Fraud. You.S. Good. $500 77. Dr. Zipi Asafi (Grosbien) Kfar Saba, Israel $125 This is exactly a listing of donors just who participated economically in the the newest repair of one’s Jewish cemetery inside Dolhinov. Your panels is projected so you’re able to prices $25,000. Regarding the 75% of it had been obtained.

You could potentially posting your checks to a single of after the tackles; step 1. Arieh Rubin, twenty five Raines Street, Givataim, Israel. 2.Leon Rubin, 2 Hartsit Street, Ramt Efal, 52960, Israel. step three.Shlomo Shamgar (Smorgonsky) 21 Keren Hakayemet Roadway, Givatayim, Israel 4. Fx Accounts for this new panel of Dolhinov, Financial Leumi- Givatayim Branch, No.10-857-77, Israel

The newest Rubin family unit members was able to reach the partisans with Chaims’ cousin

Exactly what Leon Rubin informed me; My personal mommy is the fresh daughter out of Eliezer Rosin whom passed away inside Dolgied just after him. My mother had seven sisters and you will brothers, four of them immigrated toward You.S. You to definitely brother Menachem lived in Minsk from inside the 1941 if battle become he was capable escape towards Russian front side having their family members. His a couple of de- to Israel into the 1991 in addition they today alive inside the Jerusalem. Their child passed away some years back in the Russia. My mother had a brother Fybush Rozin just who perished with his children; Shlomo, Benjamin and Rachel inside Dolginovo.(regarding Yizkor publication number ROSIN – Sarah Riva, Beila, Binyamin, Shelomo)

Leon was about five if Germans occupied Russia

Another cousin, Ben Zion Rozin immigrated in order to The usa. The guy kept his household members in the Ilia if you’re trying to present themselves in the the nation. The household into the Ilia got issues as well as this new adamant from their father Ben Zion returned to Ilia and soon after perished truth be told there with his nearest and dearest. Their eldest sibling Rachel (born inside 1923) and you can cousin Avraham Viktor have been pulled with other toddlers to function on Kahanina go camping. Their brother Arye and you can your stayed to the parents during the Dolginovo for the three methods “Actzias'” regarding the town was a large number of Jews was in fact murdered. its covering up lay strong throughout the surface was one of several not many places that weren’t discovered by the Germans and you can its collaborators. Chaim Grosbien loved ones is actually hiding near to him or her and you can in second “actzia” their towns is discover. The fresh new Germans tossed grenades within lay and just half a dozen-year-old Chaim who had been concealing in a corner plus one younger a sister from Chaim lasted about whole hide-out. Leon’s friends grabbed the children on their hiding lay. After the third step no more than one or two dozen Jews escaped by running on the forest. The latest Germans shot on them and you will Chaim is injured and are left from the forest. Leon along with his mothers or other Dolginovo survivors who were concealing during the homes off Christian growers wandered on the a thousand kilometers and you may crossed this new Russian border. It spent the war ages into the Russia was indeed Leon’s mom died from typhus inside 1943 immediately after caring for Russian soldiers. She is 48 yrs old. Other instant loved ones lasted the battle. The newest oldest cousin Arye joined this new opposition throughout the Dolhiily remaining getting Russia. Single a person from Astonia concerned this new partisans and advised her or him concerning the Jews from the Kahanina go camping. When leons’ mom heard his tales she understood one to their girl Rachel and kid Viktor lasted site de rencontre lesbien sugar mama. Arye and the Astonian decided to go to the room of one’s go camping and to Arye surprise the guy noticed his sibling plus one girl that have a head of sheep!! Arye yelled something you should this lady however, she went away. Sooner he had been capable keep in touch with their and plan for the woman his sister Viktor and other more youthful Jews to leave from the go camping. Arye Rubin remaining to own Israel once the war is actually more. Leon along with his father returned to Dolhinovo and you may existed there and you can for the Moloily is actually Israel. . –

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