Vaginal useful morphology, hypothesized plugging actions, and you can mating positions

Vaginal useful morphology, hypothesized plugging actions, and you can mating positions

Regarding second circumstances, we for this reason you are going to identify one another central spots and ?step one area on each region of the membranous structure ( Figure 1 and you will Table 1)

Inside Yards. seminigra queens, i observed one another unmarried few and you will multiple sets regarding melanized patches ( Shape 1 and Supplementary Figure S4 ), and then we never ever discover long lasting mating plugs in this species. The newest shipments off several patches ranged between step three and eight custom portion, with different version of arrangements. Regarding the 33 Yards. seminigra specimens examined, 15 showed solitary matched patches development, 12 presented one matched spots in conjunction with a main spot, and you will six specimens showed a simultaneous area trend ( Supplementary Contour S4 ). Throughout these plans, brand new central melanized patches coordinated the new inferred standing of the spatha-the new main build from the mating plug ( Shape 2E,I). It’s well worth bringing-up that we grabbed an extra recently mated Yards. seminigra king, which was carrying 2 mating plugs: 1 are affixed inside her genital chamber, while the other is on the external facial skin of the lady abdomen, between sterna IV and you may V ( Supplementary Contour S4A ). This freshly mated wasn’t totally physogastric, for example wasn’t included in our very own fundamental dataset.

Men vaginal tablet and vaginal sternum regarding M. fasciculata. Ventral view of genital tablet, metasomal sternum S-VIII, and you will metasomal sternum S-IX, because the located inside virgin boys (A). Ventral look at metasomal sternum S-VIII (B) and metasomal sternum S-IX (C). Genital tablet inside the ventral examine, showing new gonocoxites and you will a pair of gonostyli (D). Vaginal tablet in dorsal view, presenting this new spatha and you may a couple of penis regulators (E). Genital pill inside the ventral check, indicating inside the sequence, this new rotation of your penis regulators, in advance of gonocoxites lateral compressing (F–H). Vaginal pill with triggered dick valves and you will gonocoxites compressed sideways, from inside the dorsal (I) and ventral take a look at (J).

Men genital pill and genital sternum from Yards. fasciculata. Ventral view of vaginal tablet, metasomal sternum S-VIII, and you may metasomal sternum S-IX, as the discovered into the virgin men (A). Ventral look at metasomal sternum S-VIII (B) and you may metasomal sternum S-IX (C). Vaginal tablet inside ventral take a fetlife community look at, showing the new gonocoxites and a pair of gonostyli (D). Vaginal tablet in dorsal consider, presenting the new spatha and you will a couple of cock valves (E). Genital supplement inside ventral have a look at, demonstrating when you look at the series, the new rotation of your own dick regulators, in advance of gonocoxites lateral compressing (F–H). Genital capsule having triggered dick regulators and you may gonocoxites compressed sideways, from inside the dorsal (I) and you will ventral check (J).

Practical morphology of one’s male vaginal capsule

The male genitalia away from Yards. fasciculata enjoys step 3 portion: 2 overlapping metasomal sterna (S-VIII and S-IX) and you will a vaginal tablet ( Profile dos). The fresh new vaginal medicine have a set of almost triangular gonocoxites, where a couple of much time gonostyli and collection of sharp cock valves was articulated; dorsally there was a slim gonobase and you will an average spatha ( Profile 2E,I). Such sclerites is actually firmly held along with her by several walls that enable its free articulation. All the components is firmly sclerotized, with the exception of the putatively painful and sensitive setae on distal 3rd from gonostyli; and are also arranged ventrally about men human anatomy.

The feminine genitalia regarding Yards. fasciculata is located in to the an excellent chamber formed by the tergum and you can sternum of your sixth intestinal phase ( Contour 3). The past portion of the women body is membranous, improperly sclerotized, kept by the pairs regarding horizontal hemitergites (T-VIII and T-IX). Remarkably arising from the new membranous rear-end, we see a couple of quick setose gonostyli, a main light bulb (the newest gonopore city), and you may a set of slim, horizontal rami. Between such formations and sternum S-VI beneath, below the brand new gonopore area, discover higher membranous pockets-tissues pouches with just minimal sclerotization-to that your male mating plug are affixed inside the mating ( Contour 3A,J) and you will copulatory marks are found ( Supplementary Contour S5 ). Membranous pockets try depicted from the a white area below the gonopore for the Shape 3. These membranous formations are provided during the Figure step 1 for everybody varieties, in virgin and you will mated queens, even if the relative size and you may positioning can be viewed in more detail for the Second Profile S5 .

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