Of all of the relationships the remainder of the family, Lois, Brian and Chris frequently dump her usually

Of all of the relationships the remainder of the family, Lois, Brian and Chris frequently dump her usually

Every person inside her relatives, particularly Peter, doesn’t value her or even like their once the a part of the loved ones, commonly damaging the lady otherwise shoving the lady face inside the ass when the guy farts

Meg is really unpopular in the twelfth grade because of the lady simple appearance and you will identification. Meg usually tries to participate the chill group, but is always coldly rebuffed. On account of their eagerness having greet, she has started employed unwittingly to the good suicidal spiritual cult, and later employed again unknowingly to your this lady school’s Lesbian Alliance. However, Meg has a media quantity of members of the family, the best of and that being with several women exactly who are seen with her throughout period eg the lady slumber people and gossiping on males. When you look at the later on episodes, these lady, understood from the names out of Beth (a primary-haired, blonde lady), Patty (good nerdy, red-oriented woman who is contrary to popular belief a whole lot more in person glamorous than just she seems), Esther (a good nerdy African-Western woman), and Ruth (a bloated-haired brunette girl), is actually distinguisheded as being unpopular and dateless eg Meg.

Meg is actually a desperate adolescent who is rarely seen by the her family. Meg is even seem to new butt of humor and other parts away from bad luck into the symptoms, seemingly moreso compared to remainder of the family members. not, Lois has often started vicious and you may dismissive towards the the girl daughter. Within the Lost Ability, Lois pressed Meg to rehearse brand new piano by way of use a foot bracelet linked to a great iron ball and you may artificially controlled her when she tried to ask Peter for help. When you look at the Design Misbehavior, when Meg compares Lois’ youngsters rooms to help you her very own, Lois cards which they were a comparable except that Lois’ contained of numerous trophies and photographs away from family members; Lois nearly decrease Joe to their demise while in the a great chase thanks to the sewers when you look at the Cracking Away is difficult accomplish as he requested the lady in order to “hold on eg I’m your youngster” and then he next quickly additional “Perhaps not Meg! Maybe not Meg!” just after sliding sometime shortly after their earlier report; and you may after Meg informed her mother she loved the girl while in the Peter’s Child, Lois pointedly didn’t state something in reaction. This also shown whenever Meg was with a difficult time within the Stew-Roids, Lois only quit on her behalf, offered the woman a capsule package, good Sylvia Plath publication (A despair day and age novelist/poet just who the time suicide and wrote notably depressing works.), and you will leftover the bedroom claiming “almost any goes, happens”.


Meg is a very unpopular beginner from inside the twelfth grade. In a single event, students within the store group fired a complete weapon with the their individual stomach to avoid a date with her. Plus one murdering his or her own aunt getting a reason perhaps not to go to prom along with her the second nights. Although not, she’s sought for by the pimply geek Neil Goldman, and you may twisted neighbor Glenn Quagmire has revealed an interest, primarily on account of their very wide conditions, inquiring in the event that she’s got reached age agree. A number of periods she is shown matchmaking, as well as reports with emails pbell, and you can she loses the woman virginity into live tv to Saturday night Live server Jimmy Fallon immediately following which have a serious generate more. Jerome also states have obtained gender together.

Early in the new show she had a beneficial crush toward Kevin Swanson, exactly who seemed to see this lady business. Inside the “Weil Boom” the guy asked the girl so you can Quagmire’s New Year’s party, inside “Holy Crap” he was stated as the carrying their hand for the walk family of university.

Inside the “Brian Sings and you can Swings”, she befriended because of the a female entitled Sarah whom Meg later on finds out is actually a great lesbian. Meg pretends are a good lesbian & Sarah’s girlfriend due to the fact she keeps are recognized by Sarah. However the girl mom (who’s hinted so you’re able to getting a beneficial bisexual) knows Meg is acting to-be one out of acquisition so you’re able to become approved. She eventually are compelled to accept to Sarah one to the woman is maybe not a great lesbian.

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