The most used translation try one to Angie are Angela Bowie by herself, which have which Jagger purportedly (also) continued an event

The most used translation try one to Angie are Angela Bowie by herself, which have which Jagger purportedly (also) continued an event

Angela Bowie’s revelations to your Joan Streams Show provided specific to imagine that the eponymous “Angie” was not Angela, however, David Bowie.

Various other prominent rumor try you to definitely “Angie” got in the Angela Richards, Keith Richards’ child because of the actress Anita Pallenberg. (This is a tremendously foolish rumor, due to the fact Angela Richards was less than a year old when the newest Going Rocks filed “Angie.” It’s just not also possible that Mick Jagger simply used this lady label with the song’s title, because the she is actually originally entitled Dandelion from the the woman mothers up until she insisted on the label Angela ten years later on.)

Unsuccessful love activities due to the fact shown when you look at the tune words just keep desire having such a long time, but a great salacious rumor in the stars entering a gay coupling usually real time provided you’ll find visitors to recite they

  • An alternative rumor had they that “Angie” was about Anita Pallenberg, who had flings with both Moving Rocks people Brian Jones and you can Mick Jagger as well as a multiple-year experience of Keith Richards.

Whenever an artist composes a track on an unsatisfied relationship which have good female’s title to have a name, many of us suppose it ought to was inspired by the good real-lifetime relationship that have people of that name (particularly if it turns out the guy know a lady called one, it doesn’t matter exactly who she was a student in his existence). Yet this is often untrue; songwriters consistently pen work where names and you will details is actually chose as the they can fit the new meter of one’s structure. Even though the tune in itself may be the catharsis off significantly-sensed individual anxiety expressed due to the fact a particular (yet , completely imaginary) outpouring, or might be a real chronicle off an upsetting sense endured, it does not always pursue your girl who determined right up people emotions during the real life will be given the exact same title about tune. Autobiography merely goes yet – if the meter is not best, the name goes.

Songwriters supply created bits dependent as much as specific labels just since they appreciated the voice of these: Buddy Holly did understand an excellent “Peggy Sue” (brand new spouse of drummer Jerry Allison), nevertheless the tune was not centered on one actual-existence love ranging from this lady and you will Buddy. Possibly performers simply develop for their watchers, churning away performs you to expound on popular feel its songs-to purchase societal often pick which have (such as for example heartwrenching partings). To have such as for instance offerings, the eponymous woman need not end up being individuals actual, as journalist is contacting on universal templates towards the material out-of his track.

Yet , speculation along side term of your own “Angie” off Running Stone glory has long past stopped become an enthusiastic energetic procedure, an effective quieting away from wagging tongues who has got yet to happen on the fresh rumor, regarding Mick Jagger and you can David Bowie having intimate experience in each other

Try “Angie” throughout the anybody people, or is actually the name merely plucked regarding heavens? Do not understand. However, i can say for certain adequate regarding the musical not to instantaneously end you to a song titled having an excellent girl’s title means the author got an unhappy knowledge of a lady of the name.

However, as denials aren’t nearly because the fascinating since the rumors, the story you to definitely “the head Stone has also been asleep that have [Angela’s] husband” bequeath everywhere. Angela after that muddied the challenge actually ever after that with her 1993 tell-every publication Backstage Seats, where she disingenuously chided the general public getting whenever exactly what she got needless to say intended to indicate, while you are still admitting one to she by herself nevertheless felt what anyone had presumed:

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