“I enjoy him. I’m attending hire your.”

“I enjoy him. I’m attending hire your.”

Roger Halstead provided The fresh Tell you those texts perhaps not assessed because of the police company. Particular was in fact lead messages between Lt. Espinoza and you will Roger Halstead.

They reveal a direct connection anywhere between positive reviews – recognized around as the “Guardians” – and requests regarding Lt. Espinoza getting naked photos of Roger Halstead.

Immediately following revealing a positive page from a resident, Officer Halstead questioned new lieutenant for the next confident opinion which will help with advertisements and you will raises.

Administrator Halstead texted the fresh lieutenant an effective screenshot out of their stop statistics, and once again asked for an optimistic entry on the Guardian record system.

Chief Grogan’s interior factors studies failed to get-off discover the choice that Lt. Espinoza fastened any official action so you’re able to requires to have intimate favors.

The principle extra, “regarding the alongside two hundred screenshots You will find compiled, there is absolutely no facts you to definitely Espinoza threatened so you can keep back, if not designed he would, positive records otherwise even more work when the intimately promiscuous discussions weren’t entertained.”

Nevertheless the captain got just the texts the mark off their research and other officials had provided him. He did not have the latest messages Halstead keeps spared.

Halstead had currently notified brand new institution regarding his intention in order to sue, and his awesome lawyer didn’t allow it to be your as questioned having the inner studies since it is added because of the among the many called defendants.

Lt. Espinoza has also been in charge of recruiting and you may choosing the officers into the company. He had been commonly applauded having coming back Dunwoody police to complete force ahead of he retired.

Inside the a book to the “F*** Boys” classification, Lt. Espinoza common a photograph out of an applicant toward a motorbike. The guy revealed this new candidate given that, “several other North american country implementing around.”

Lt. Espinoza texted into the classification, “You’ll let your on network away from believe. Do you consider he’ll pick the casual d*** get?”

Halstead advised all of us Lt. Espinoza, “do send us screen attempt of individuals he was vetting, because if we were to check their looks.”

Halstead sent naked images, as well

Whenever we questioned Roger Halstead, he chatted about Lt. Espinoza’s need to own naked photos, however, don’t recognize sending one as a result.

Whenever Master Grogan put-out his interior investigation, the guy provided numerous texting that have naked photographs Halstead got delivered with the class.

Whenever inquired about men and women by the Tell you, Halstead acknowledge to sleeping since the he was embarrassed of the concern into camera.

Halstead was weeks regarding using oath out of workplace to help you become a great Lumpkin County Sheriff’s deputy if the inner items declaration was released. The latest sheriff rescinded the utilization promote after the declaration premiered because of the Dunwoody.

Just what did command teams learn incase performed they understand they?

Bolden happens to be employed by brand new service because the prisoner transport administrator, and then he have submitted a notification off purpose so you can sue the agency.

As he is named set for wondering in the chief’s research, Master Grogan said, “there’ll be, (before correcting himself) or will never be, any sort of retaliation into simple fact that your went outside and you can had legal counsel and you will submitted this.”

Halstead’s lawsuit includes allegation of Bolden one to Lt. Espinoza many times asked your to take part in sexual intercourse. Bolden advised The Demonstrate that Espinoza questioned your, “whenever would you show up back at my ranch, and you can spend some high quality day with me. Show me how well you suck d***. The guy and questioned me personally are a top otherwise base kind of child.”

Chief Grogan’s declaration computed the whole order professionals was at the newest black on Bolden’s claims, which Espinoza had, “denied inquiring Bolden in the event the however need spend the sunday in the his domestic and show your ‘how well he is able to bring d***,’” the chief authored.

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