Severide and you may Anna undergo to the techniques and commence relationship immediately following

Severide and you may Anna undergo to the techniques and commence relationship immediately following

13. Anna Turner and you may Kelly Severide

Anna Turner (Charlotte Sullivan) made the woman “Chicago Flame” debut in the Year 5 on series’ landmark 100th episode. Former 51 associate Jeff Clarke (Jeff Hephner) suggests Severide score looked at to see if he is able to give bone marrow so you’re able to Anna (who’s got leukemia), in which he actually is a match. Anna also motions to Chicago to get close Severide and you can requires an excellent pediatric nursing assistant reputation within Med.

They have a whirlwind relationship, however it involves a rapid prevent whenever Anna’s wellness begins wearing down again. Sick of assaulting her leukemia, she signs a beneficial DNR. This frustrates Severide, but they are able to be because of the the woman front whenever she requires their history breath. Both made for a significant partners, it never looked like Anna would feel Severide’s permanently. It actually was among softest there is previously viewed Severide, making him the greater amount of caring and loving individual we all know him given that most of these 12 months after.

twelve. Katie Nolan and you will Otis Zvonecek

The initial love notice we become observe to possess Brian “Otis” Zvonecek are Katie Nolan (Brittany Curran), the latest 1 / 2 of-sis out-of Kelly Severide and ds). The 2 attempted to continue the love from just one some other out out-of Kelly, who was overly protective off a half-cousin he never ever understood lived. Otis and you will Katie only arrive at big date for most periods, however, we become to see how much cash he cares on her shortly after Vince Keeler (Jacob Weary) kidnaps the woman as revenge facing Kelly.

Otis check outs Katie about healthcare once she’s saved, nevertheless the a couple have to stop the affair because this woman is also traumatized to stay in Chicago. She turns out thinking of moving Ny to just accept a position during the a cafe or restaurant (you to she initial contended taking due to Otis), but she goes on to reside a happy lifestyle on the The big apple. She output having Benny’s funeral service when you look at the 12 months 7 and incurs Otis, and it’s visible you can still find brings out between them, however, he’d managed to move on to anybody else up to now. In the event that Katie try never ever kidnapped, she really well have lived a pleasurable existence that have Otis – up until his untimely demise into the Seasons 8, which is.

11. Brittany Baker and you may Kelly Severide

During the Seasons step three, Kelly Severide surprised someone at Firehouse 51 as he came back off Las vegas a wedded son. Severide came across Brittany Baker (Serinda Swan) if you are within a good craps table, and also the a few immediately dropped crazy. In 24 hours or less out of once you understand both, they got partnered and you can were its head-over-heels.

We afterwards understand you to definitely Brittany was at Las vegas to assist rating this lady brain out of the woman sister’s demise, when you’re by the absolute happenstance Severide try on holiday to help you disturb themselves regarding Shay’s death. These were exactly what both had a need to cope with very a down economy. It sooner or later pointed out that the wedding just was not planning to work, while the Brittany are homesick and you can wanted to come back to Florida. No one performed anything wrong; nobody lied; no-one are mean. It just wasn’t supposed to be. These were an incredibly fun pair to view with her, despite how quick-lived the five-occurrence wedding are.

ten. Sylvie Brett and you will Kyle Sheffield

The newest brings out is actually immediate between Sylvie Brett and Kyle Sheffield (Teddy Sears) inside the Year seven. The brand new Chaplain toward CFD requires a taste to Brett quickly, but the guy ends up breaking their cardio as he places the woman on account of his work. Matt Casey tends to make a great point to this new Chaplain – that it’s hard for people of the CFD to confide when you look at the him if the they are matchmaking somebody inside the agencies. not, it is not the conclusion the relationship.

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