Decent to read through, thank you for linking me one

Decent to read through, thank you for linking me one

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But just to correct – On was abit deprecated screen from inside the SGS, SGS2 and you will similiar patterns. It can be used to manage modem right from Desktop computer (not sure if Desktop computer is truly actually talking-to modem otherwise to part of Android’s HALs, that’s up coming speaking with modem, to have such as. USB-UART multiplexer into the I9000 and you will S8500/S8530 is actually competent to switch cellular telephone MicroUSB vent between AP USB/UART and CP USB/UART. The main handling interface included in significantly more than designs is RPC through oneDRAM shared-thoughts urban area. You can find gizmos including “dpram”, “onedram”, “modemctl” within the kernel – speaking of crucial for proper doing work out of modem. Even when RIL is utilizing During the commands, it can post him or her using RPC. AP-CP UART union is apparently made use of just for very early booting stage (at the least within the I9000 and you will S8500, have not analysed I9100 but imagine that’s similiar)

Ad1. There is zero genuine ability to correspond with modem myself to the SGS2 at responses you’ll get SS (Complex Cellular Subscriber Software – RTOS concentrating on Qualcomm’s CP)

Ad4. Such datasheets is very safeguarded treasures of manufacturers. Just single, unfinished guides problem from Qualcomm, not beneficial. As well as AP-CP RPC method try exclusive off Samsung, they got AMSS present away from Qualcomm and are usually adding their very own motorists around.

Oh yes, I provided Qualcomm due to the fact example, but is CP from inside the SGS2 Qualcomm? It was not QC unit with the SGS1 however, tbh it is reasonably most closed resource.

While AP-CP low-level process was opensource (you will find they during the dpram/onedram/modemctl motorists within the kernel), higher level of the level – compiled on sec-RIL, isn’t. AP-CP protocol is different ranging from I9000 and you can S8500 (general layout continues to be the exact same, just it’s been rewriten so package sizes and you will formations is different), but if you want it – our company is carrying out opensource RIL to have S8000/S8500/S8530/S8600 device series, meant to work on Android ports in their eyes – (part experimental-MochaIPC)


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For as long as the new modem is effective, you will find absolutely nothing need certainly to look towards details of exactly how ril talk to modem, however when this new modem does not work whilst should (In my own case they would not check in towards the just one specific mobile driver), an at command that can perform a factory reset of modem could be helpful

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That At the is actually deprecated isn’t any miracle, nevertheless facts (at the very least considering some firmware experts) is that it does nevertheless be sometime till the OEM’s could possibly get rid of the latest (AT) dependency of its wonders and you will crappy proprietary firmware, that frequently have to be backwards appropriate.

Away from whether or not I’m speaking with AP otherwise CP. Maybe you are correct that I’m conversing with AP owing to HAL. About away from SGS2 take off diagram, UART-3 is in the AP, but linked to an amount-shifter throughout the PMIC (nevertheless for a passing fancy SoC), which is consequently linked to the BP UART-X. (There isn’t an idea as to the reasons this is accomplished so.) Very in any case it look that the AT’s was interacting with the appeal, due to particular abstraction level, hence sung People rather than out of a location (phone) critical shells.

Practical question try, what will happen when we attempt to utilize the Bada trick, to go into ServiceMode (SM) and permit the relevant BP availability? Although SM is different with the SGS and therefore choice is maybe not obviously offered. not, there clearly was:

[ Revise ] I came across they! Your choice of AP/BP partnership conclusion whenever connecting the phone because the a beneficial USB client, to a pc servers, is manually devote the fresh new PhoneUtil (PU) diet plan. my dirty hobby That it sets the newest decisions of your own phone when linking they so you’re able to a pc, so that you can get a hold of whether you adore it to act since the a good Modem otherwise PDA, for the USB and you will/otherwise UART port. Brand new PU eating plan is different from the fresh ServiceMode menu.

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