The studio doors had always been heavy

The studio doors had always been heavy

They were made of this thick mahogany wood, meant to cut off all sounds from entering the studio during recording and writing

Yet, as she slams the doors and storms out of the enclosed space, it sounds a million times heavier. There are tears rolling down her cheeks, theyre flushed from both anger and embarrassment. She wipes them away only for them to reappear.

Opening the door to her car, she gets in only to sit for a moment quietly. She didnt have time to take in the situation while it was unfolding, didnt have time to register the words she said.

She rests her head against the top of the steering wheel, closing her eyes and mentally considering the options she had. She wonders if her marriage is completely called off, if her engagement is over, and if shes just thrown away some of the direct online payday loans in Missouri best years shes ever had.

The idea makes her sad, the possibility of never having the opportunity to be with him again. But as soon as her sorrow comes, her anger hits her. That the man who supposedly loved her would say such harmful things, would propose only to neglect all responsibilities after that.

Sobbing until there are black stains under her red and puffy eyes, and salty tears staining her steering wheel, she prepares herself mentally to drive back to her shared home. She wonders if hell return after the words uttered by the both of them, or if hell make the decision to crash with a friend instead.

Harry sits in shock after she slams the door behind her, flinching at the loud sound of the heavy wood slamming against the door frame. He can still smell her perfume lingering in the space around him.

Truthfully, he didnt even remember what the pictures of your wedding dress looked like because he wasnt paying attention. She had entered the room just as he was placing the finishing touches on the production of one of the songs he thought would be the last piece to the ever so time consuming album

At first, he remained shocked. He doesnt know how the turn of events occurred, but theres an unmistakable feeling of guilt clawing away in his chest.

His hands run through to the roots of his hair, tugging lightly on them as he stresses himself out. He mutters profanities under his breath, not too loudly but quietly enough to where both Mitch and Jeff hear him say “Shit, Shit, Fuck” from the corner of the room. They both want to intervene, but acknowledging the state hes in, they make the decision not to.

“Are you okay?” Jeff finally asks gently, knowing anything could push Harry over the edge. Harry seems to be teetering on the edge of yelling and crying, overanalyzing everything as he rocks back and forth uncomfortably.

While Jeff expects him to scream, maybe even yell in anger at the absurdity of the situation, he sees his friend and client crying instead. He lets out a small cry in response to Jeffs question.

His head shakes as more salty liquid escaped his eyes and splashes onto his cheeks. He imagines the possibility of no more planning ahead, no more late nights discussing what theyre going to name their 3rd child, or what breed of dog theyre going to get when they come back from their honeymoon.

Small streaks leak down his soft porcelain skin as he holds himself, like a child whos just been scolded

And unexpectantly, Jeff smiles, grabbing Harrys car keys before leading him out of the studio to begin to patch things up.

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